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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

 I agree that "cruel treatment" and "humiliating and degrading treatment" should be prohibited fro prisoners of war. This is because, prisoners of war are also citizens of another country: if Americans were caught in war and put in a detention center outside of another country, would American citizen want to be treated that way? Since our nation does value freedom and positivity so much, they should not use these methods of force on prisoners of war, that which they wouldn't use on American citizens. I think there are less violent ways to handle people who the United States think poses a threat to our country. For example, they can just be kept in a contained detention center, but without the use of force. If the matter of concern begins that people aren't answering the officials' question because force isn't being used, I contend that if the detainees aren't giving up information with force, chances are they won't without force either, so it doesn't matter either way. If they just need a method to hold them, a non-violent one is best. I also don't think there should be a difference between the treatment of citizens and non-citizens because we are all humans, and there shouldn't be a standard at which humans are compared. If detainees that are citizens are not physically harmed, non-citizens should also have the same rules. I think the government should take more responsibility and make these decisions because as hard as it is trying to protect our country, the rights of the individual citizens are far more integral in developing society. The more individual rights are suppressed, the angrier citizens will become, and chaos will become more likely.

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